3 Roblox Popular Creators Were Hacked! VarietyJay, Sunbokuu, Kenrblx & Wistdojo

(Last Updated On: June 8, 2022)

Popular Shindo Life Youtubers were Ternimated & Hijacked by Hackers. The victims who are targeted were VarietyJay, Sunboku & Wistdojo

These 3 Content Creators are very close friends. We believe that they were hacked by the same group of people as Sunboku & Wistdojo channel videos which the hacker uploaded were exactly the same.

WistDojo Channel Hacked
Sunbokuu Channel Hacked

How Did KEN RBLX Get Terminated?

KENRBLX was trying to alert the viewers not to click any links on the Varietyjay channel as he was already hacked and an Elon musk scam live stream was running on the channel. The biggest mistake Ken did was he clicked on the live stream and sadly the scam stream played on his live stream where he was trying to keep people safe from getting hacked. Youtube AI detected KEN RBLX was doing the scam Elon Musk live stream and terminated him.

How did VarietyJay, Sunbokuu & Wistdojo get hacked?

Till now it’s very unclear as The creators themself revealed that they didn’t click any suspicious links and clearly had 2FA. The hackers bypassed the 2FA of the 3 creators.

VarietyJay Roblox Response On Youtube Account
  • Will All Of These Creators Get Their Channel Back?

Yes, they definitely will but It will take at least 2 – 3 Weeks especially for VarietyJay & Ken Rblx as they were terminated. In Sunbokuu, Wistdojo’s case they didn’t get terminated and the scam videos have been removed. This means slowly but surely they are getting their channel back.

  • Updates

– WistDojo Channel Is Back

– Ken Rblx, VarietyJay & Sunbokuu are in touch with Youtube Team trying to get there channel back.

This has been the news so far about Roblox Shindo Life Youtubers Banned


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