ABA Accelerator Guide in Roblox

(Last Updated On: March 13, 2022)

This is an ABA Accelerator Guide in Roblox!

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We will be showcasing Accelerator and how to use him in ABA!

ABA Accelerator Info

This character is based off the protagonist of Toaru Kagaku no Accelerator, This is the first character in the Toaru roster second being Misaka Mikoto on Toaru Majutsu no Index with her own guide here, This character is really strong if used properly.

ABA Accelerator Moveset

Accelerate – User starts up a dash presumably called accelerating, This move deals a good amount of dmg and can combo extend, This is guardable, Overall a good move for combo starting.
Accelerate Air
Accelerate Air – User uses wind to accelerate to an enemy and punch them and knockback them, This is guardable but deals a little bit more damage than the ground accelerate, This move is auto aim and is overall good for combo finishing, This move can only be used if you use accelerate whilst in the air.
Quake – User manipulates the ground and makes it erupt dealing good damage, This is a guard break and a good way to fling people upwards, This is not viable for combos, only good for guard breaking and poke damage.
Quake Air
Quake Air – Manipulates wind and makes it heavier and smashes it to them, This is a good move for guard breaking and combo extending, This is overall a good move.
Grasp – Manipulates the ground to grab the enemy and hold them in place, This is a really good place lock stunner, The player can block midway but is overall a good move.
Grasp Air
Grasp Air – The user manipulates the air and stun them for about 2 seconds, This is overall a good stun move and a combo extender, Mostly used to attack cancel down slam with it.
Redirection – This move can redirect types of moves, Beams will go back to the player and hit them, M1’s can knockback or down stun them, This is a really good counter move and iframe, The damage will only be dealt when the player is nearby for some moves.

Common Combo

Accelerator Base Combo


Accelerator Awakening 1
This awakening is the only one in the game as for now that can hit someone while using it.

ABA Accelerator Awakening Moveset

Accelerate Awk
Accelerate – User dashes forward and tricking them by teleporting behind them, This causes it to bypass block and is a really good combo starter, This is the same as base but modified.
Accelerate Air Awk
Accelerate Air – User uses air to propel himself and accelerate towards the enemy, This now combo extends and deal ALOT of damage, This is still guardable and this is the same as base but modified.
Quake Awk
Quake – This is the same move as base but deals a lot more damage.
Quake Air Awk
Quake Air – This is the same as base but it deals a lot more damage.
Plasma – User uses the plasma he gathered from his awakening and throws them at the player, This move ends awakening and 90% of the players full hp, This can be iframed.
Redirection Awk
Redirection – This move has more uses and will not end almost instantly after getting hit, This can redirect a lot more.

ABA Accelerator Tips

  • His moveset revolves around stuns and helping you start up a combo.
  • This character is really bad if not used properly.
  • Accelerate can be used unexpectedly.
  • Quake will align the players height and jumps up to them no matter how high they are.

ABA Accelerator Pros

  • Good guard break
  • Deals a lot of damage
  • Has a lot of combo potential
  • Overall better than most characters

ABA Accelerator Cons

  • Highly counter able if used badly
  • Has only two guard breaks in base but one sometimes flings the player upwards.

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