ABA Misaka Mikoto Guide in Roblox

(Last Updated On: March 13, 2022)

This is an ABA Misaka Mikoto Guide in Roblox!

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We will be showcasing the new char Misaka and giving tips on how to use her!

ABA Misaka Mikoto Info

This character is from Toaru Majutsu no Index, She is a new character added in ABA in March 7 2022, This character has alot of range and is very strong, This is the 2nd character in the toaru roster.

ABA Misaka Mikoto Moveset

Railgun in ground
Railgun in air
Railgun – Throws out a coin and uses electricity to launch it causing it to be fired like a Railgun, This move can only be aimed if the user is in the air, This has huge range and is a guardbreak but it can be cancelled, other than that, this is a really good move overall.
Iron sand moves
Iron Sand – The user forms an iron sand sword and changes their m1 range, If pressed twice the sword will form into a whip and slash the enemy, This is a guardbreak and has good range, A good move for guard breaking.
Lightning Spear Proc 1
Lightning Spear Proc 2
Lightning Spear – Throws out a thunderbolt that gives the player hit a lightning effect, This effect will stay until the move is pressed twice or it runs out, The 2nd stage will hit stun the enemy for 5 damage, This move will not be on cd if the player with the effect on dies, Both stages do not guardbreak.
Electro Shock
Electroshock – Creates a light with electricity that blinds nearby players who is looking at you, This move will deal 10 dmg if nearby the enemy, The blind effect will bypass block and the damage does not but overall this is very useful for helping setting up a combo.

Common Combo

Base Combo 2


Awakening Animation 1

ABA Misaka Mikoto Awakening Moveset

M1 Animation 1
M1 Animation – This m1 type fires lightning bolts and this type cannot uptilt.
Tendril – The user whips the player, This move guardbreaks and deals alot of dmg
Magnetism 2
Magnetism – User makes bricks float and pressing the move again will throw them to the player, This does not guardbreak and will do alot of dmg if the entire move hits.
Lightning Spear Awk 2
Lightning Spear – This is just a buffed move of the base, It does not have any changes except for the damage.
Punishment 1
Punishment – User forms lightning to create a huge lightning strike, This move has alot of startup and cannot be canceled, This move does tick damage so blocking will only reduce the damage by a little bit, This move has infinite range on where you can launch it on.

Common Combo

Awakening Combo

ABA Misaka Mikoto Tips

  • Always use your railgun whenever someone tries to turtle, If you don’t wanna risk it, Try using it as a combo finisher.
  • Lightning Spears 2nd stage can be used as a ladder starter.
  • You can use electroshock to blind the enemy and guardbreak them unsuspectedly.
  • Electroshock can also be used as a ladder starter as this deals dmg if the enemy is near them.

ABA Misaka Mikoto Pros

  • One of the best guardbreaking move in base
  • Long range moves
  • Hard to counter
  • Give alot of pressure by rushing
  • Good in rushing and defense
  • Easy to use

ABA Misaka Mikoto Cons

  • Has moves that are not fit for a combo
  • Has one move that needs to be hit before making it a combo extender
  • You need aim
  • One guardbreak needs startup and does not have hyper armor.

More Info about ABA


Shift: Sprint

Q: Dodge

F: Block

Basic Attack: Mouse1

Space+Mouse1: Aerial Attack

Transformation: G

Combine Basic Attacks and Aerial Attacks to discover new combos. Use 1,2,3,4 for your character special moves.

Developers: Melon_Sensei, Chicken_Man, Snakeworl

Contributors: BIGPAPAMAUI, Sprano, K1LLUAA, Nilvaat, jjjakey, Kogrin, rikaid, Estheking, Ettheking, StormVegitto, Speciro

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