ABA TS Sanji Guide in Roblox

(Last Updated On: March 13, 2022)

This is an ABA TS Sanji Guide in Roblox!

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ABA TS Sanji Info

This character is based of Vinsmoke Sanji from One Piece! He is the 8th character in the one piece roster, This character is m1 based and is typically relying on combos.

ABA TS Sanji Moveset

Spectre 5
Spectre – User does a flying kick barrage in the air, User will activate diable jamble after a second and does double damage, This move is typically used to end combos or combo extend if used properly, This does not guardbreak.
Hell Memories 3
Hell Memories – User charges up and does a front kick downslamming every person who got caught in it, This is used for combo starting or attack canceling to combo extend, This move will guardbreak.
Grill Shot 3
Grill Shot – User jumps and turns on diable jamble and uses sky walk to rush to the player and kick them 2 times, This move is used to combo extend, This is unreliable if you use this raw as a combo starter, This does not guardbreak.
Concasser 4
Concasser – User does a front kick and knock them back with his heels, This move is used to guardbreak or combo finisher.

Common Combo

Sanji Base Combo

Awakening – Raid Suit

Awakening Animation 2

ABA Raid Suit Sanji Moveset

Cloak 4
Cloak – User turns invisible then flicker several times to see where the user is, This move is an evasive and long iframe, You can attack while invisible, This move will deal 10 dmg if the cloak runs out while the user is nearby the enemy, This move will also cancel out if the user uses one of the skills.
Kick Barrage 3
Kick barrage – User turns invisible then kicks them 4 times in different directions and shows himself again, This move is a good combo starter or a ladder starter, This does not guardbreak, This move is autoaim, It also grants iframes while kicking the opponent.
Blitz 4
Blitz – User turns slightly invisible towards the enemy and kicks them back, This move is a guardbreak but can be tanked if they unblock at the right time, This move also grants iframes if the user is still invisible.
Soba Kick 3
Soba Kick – User flies upwards using skywalk and dashes towards the enemy with a kick, This will deal half of the opponents hp and can be used 3 times if used quickly, This move will bypass block.

ABA TS Sanji Tips

  • Only use your cloak as an evasive or an iframe, This move is super useful, do not waste it
  • Grill Shot can be heavily punished if used raw, Use it wisely
  • Hell Memories can be jumped over, Always use it when someone double jumps.
  • Spectre can be used as a combo extender midair.
  • Concasser is a good guardbreak, Try to use it at all times if someone turtles.
  • You can use soba kick to lure out their iframe, then you can use kick barrage to start a combo.

ABA TS Sanji Pros

  • TS Sanji is one of the two characters that have 3 iframes in awakening, Other being giornno giovanna.
  • TS Sanji can easily give pressure to players.
  • This character is really strong if used properly.

ABA TS Sanji Cons

  • TS Sanji is one of the characters that can get punished the most if used badly.
  • Hell Memories can be jumped over.
  • Spectre deals worse damage than his pre timeskip character
  • Raw grill shot will get you killed.

More Info about ABA


Shift: Sprint

Q: Dodge

F: Block

Basic Attack: Mouse1

Space+Mouse1: Aerial Attack

Transformation: G

Combine Basic Attacks and Aerial Attacks to discover new combos. Use 1,2,3,4 for your character special moves.

Developers: Melon_Sensei, Chicken_Man, Snakeworl

Contributors: BIGPAPAMAUI, Sprano, K1LLUAA, Nilvaat, jjjakey, Kogrin, rikaid, Estheking, Ettheking, StormVegitto, Speciro

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