All Fightman Simulator Codes 2021 (6 New Active Codes)

(Last Updated On: October 10, 2021)

All Fightman Simulator Codes 2021

Today we will show you All Fightman Simulator Codes 2021 , and we will update you whenever the developers release a new code. The game is new and was released recently, so don’t expect too many codes.

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1- 500likes
2- 2500likes
3- 5klikesthanks
4- 7500likes
5- 10klikes
6- magic

How to Redeem

On the left side of your screen click the “shop” button

Polish 20210921 162356650
Shop button

Then at the bottom of the shop redeem the codes!

Polish 20210921 162554558
Redeem codes

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