All Runestones And Their Ability – Solo Blox Leveling

(Last Updated On: February 7, 2022)

All Runestones And Their Ability

All Runestones are able to get from A-Rank dungeon(A-Rank drops)

Full Recovery Runestone:

image 42

This Runestones Give you full health when you use. Its very useful when you fight bosses

Dominators Touch Runestone:

image 43

This RuneStone is good for pvp. This runstone lifts up and throw down the emeny in the range.

Stealth Runestone:

image 44

By this Runestone you get invisible and the emeny can’t see you and hit you.

Spatial Awareness Runestone:

image 45

This Runestone is very useful when any mob in dungeon is left so it show you its location.


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