All Star Tower Defense Event! (2021)

(Last Updated On: September 12, 2021)

There is an all star tower defense event going on and this post will give you all the information about it so you can go and get the rewards! The event sign is located near the emote shop. Walk into it to get the details.

How The All Star Tower Defense Event Works

This event is a team event in which all the players on your team participate. There are 3 teams: Red Blue & Green. You are randomly assigned a team when you join the game. You have two totals. You’re team’s total points (displayed as a percent) and your total points (displayed as a number).

all star tower defense event

How to Earn Points

To earn points, you need to do the story mode chapter listed on the “Current Challenge” tab. If you haven’t reached that far in the story, you won’t be able to earn points during that time. The current challenge randomizes itself every hour (same time when banner changes). For every enemy you kill in the story mode, you receive a point listed in the event information. That gets roped into your team total.

All Star Tower


Now, the part you were waiting for. The event rewards. Like all time-costing event, there will be something to work towards to earn. Here is the way the rewards work. There are 3 mystery boxes + one special reward you can earn during this event.

The first requires you to have gained 2500 points yourself and your team to have gained 20% of the bar. The second requires 15000 points from yourself and your team to get 50% of the progress bar. The final reward of the All Star Tower Defense event is to get 50000 points yourself and your team to get 80% of the progress bar. All the team progress bar requirements have been fulfilled already so you only need to grind points for yourself.


There is one more reward to talk about. And that is the reward that we are unsure is a mystery box because it hasn’t been listed as one. This reward requires you to get at least 5000 points and your team to get the most amount of points when the event ends. The event ends soon so make sure to help your team win before it’s too late! The mystery boxes can open up into meta units or they can open up to be a skin of existing units.


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