All The SCP: Roleplay Gamepasses RANKED


Did you just get some Robux and are wondering which gamepass to buy? Look no further! For in this article, you will discover the benefits and rank position of each gamepass in SCP: Roleplay!

1. O5 Council

Screenshot 198

This gamepass grants you the O5 rank for all foundation teams, and the Engineer rank for the Chaos Insurgency team. In terms of the weapons, when you spawn in as an O5 or The Engineer, you gain the O5 level keycard (an O5 version of the L4) as well as the best weapon in the game: The Minigun.


It has a two second startup time to fire and has 250 bullets per magazine/ammo belt as well as 5000 in reserve. It can take care of large groups of enemies but fires extremely quickly, reduces your movement speed when you hold it, and reloads incredibly slowly (around four seconds). Other miscellaneous perks include: the :announce feature, 2x team experience, access to O5/VIP weapon skins, and finally a star icon next to your username in the radio and leaderboard. This gamepass is the best in the game, however it is not the best value.

2. VIP

Screenshot 199

By owning this gamepass you: gain the ability to equip an upgraded variant of the Class-D team, unlock the laser and silencer/suppressor weapon attachment, the ability to use the :announce feature, have a star icon next to your username in the radio and leaderboard, and finally the VIP/O5 weapon skins. This gamepass is the second best in the game, however it is better in value compared to the O5 gamepass.

3. Glock 17

Screenshot 200

By owning this gamepass you get the Glock 17 pistol on every team. This gamepass is best for the Class-D team, because you will not have to purchase weapons with in-game credits. This gamepass is the best value regardless of your preferred team (however it’s best for Class-Ds).

4. Alpha-1

Screenshot 201

This gamepass unlocks all the upgraded variants of Mobile Task Force subdivisions (Nu-7/V-7, B-7, E-11, A-1) and gives the “elite” title in front of your default rank. Quad scrambler goggles, increased subdivision perks, and cosmetic upgrades are also unlocked for each MTF subdivision. Finally, if you have not unlocked all MTF sub divisions yet, then you will unlock all of them.

5. Chaos Insurgency

Screenshot 202
This gamepass allows you to upgrade your Chaos Insurgency rank to your default rank following “elite”. Users of the gamepass will also gain a red beret (replacing a helmet), red camouflage pants, 5% damage absorption.

6. Administrative Department

Screenshot 214

Buyers of this gamepass gain a green armband around both arms, the “specialized” rank in front of your default rank, the Spas-12 shotgun, and finally notifications about the distance (in studs) from the player.


7. Rapid Response Team

Screenshot 215

Players who own this gamepass permanently spawns in with a Spas-12 shotgun while on the rapid response team, a 10% movement speed bonus instead of 5%, and the “elite” rank in front of their default rank.

8. Internal Security Department

Screenshot 216

Players who own this gamepass gain the “classified” rank in front of their default rank, extra armor (which is purely cosmetic), permanently spawn in with the Spas-12 shotgun while on the Internal Security Department team, and increased rogue detection (to 250 studs).

9. Intelligence Agency

Screenshot 217

Buyers of this gamepass will gain the “specialized” rank in front of their default rank, extra armor (which is purely cosmetic), and have an increased heat tracker distance of 150 studs instead of 75 studs.

Game Description:

Welcome to SCP: Roleplay!

In this world, terrifying or unusual creatures and objects called SCPs roam the earth.
To protect humanity from them, the SCP Foundation was created.

The Foundation conducts experiments to learn more about the SCPs.
Play as a Prisoner (Class - D), Scientist, Guard, and unlock more teams as you progress.

The mission of the foundation is to secure, contain and protect the SCPs.
Will you assist them or will you bring chaos to the world?

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