Anime Fighters Divine Units [Roblox]

(Last Updated On: March 14, 2022)

Anime Fighters Divine Units Tierlist

Anime Fighters is undoubtedly one of the very best simulator games on Roblox. Fans of this game would know that there are a number of DIVINE units that can be obtained from certain maps.

Where to get Divine units from?

Which map should I go to get a divine unit?
The list given below shows the divine units you can get from certain maps:
1) Vegetable from Super Island.
2) Great Ninja from Walled City.
3) Hernando from Empty Dimension.
4) Engineered Alien from the Lucky Kingdom.
5) Red Bat from Icy Wastes.
6) Flaming Hero from Icy Wastes.

With every new Divine unit getting added to the game, players are sure to try and get them but if you didn’t know, a new divine unit is better than the one from the previous update.

The very best divine unit in the game right now is Flaming Hero, then comes Red bat followed by Engineered Alien, Hernando, Great Ninja, and the last Vegetable.
As for the rating of Holiday Baby, he is the 2nd best divine unit but he was time-limited so anyone who has it should be happy.

Tip: All the Divines except Flaming Hero can be obtained at The Land of Alchemy. Max open units for 4-5 hrs with a luck boost and you are sure to get a divine unit.

Vegetable: Real name- Vegeta, is a character from the anime Dragon Ball.

Anime Fighters Divine Units

Great Ninja: Real name- Madara, is a character from the anime Naruto Shippuden.


Hernando: Real name- Enrico Pucci, is a character from the anime JoJo’s Bizzare Adventures.

Anime Fighters Simulator - How to Get Divine Characters: Guide & Wiki -  Gamer Empire

Engineered Alien: Real name- Mewtwo, is a character from the TV show Pokemon.

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Red Bat: Real name- Femto, is an anime character from the series Beserk.

image 2

Flaming Hero: Real name- Endeavor, is an anime character from the anime My Hero Academia.

image 3

A time-limited Divine unit, Holiday Baby, was available for the Christmas event and now is unavailable.

image 19

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