Anime Fighters Update 22 New Best Update [Roblox]

(Last Updated On: March 13, 2022)

Anime Fighters Update 22

Anime Fighters Update 22 has come out with some new features that have caught the eyes of the fans.
The fans of Anime Fighters have been asking for an update like this for a long time and now it is finally out. Here is all that you need to know about the update.

The new update for Anime Fighters has been the best one so far because of a long-awaited feature that was added to the game- Trading.
Trading along with a new type of boost was introduced to the game which seems to affect the drop rate of Time Trial Shards in the game along with the Multi-Open Tokens.

How To Get Multi-Open Tokens?

You will get Multi-Open Tokens from the Defense Mode. You need a Defense Token to start a Defense Mode and can get the Multi-Open Tokens by killing the units that spawn in the area. The Defense mode has a total of 10 waves and numerous enemies spawn in the area who need to be killed in order to get the required tokens. The Defense mode is currently situated in 6 worlds namely, Crazy Town, Walled City, Cursed High, Lucky Kingdom, Divine Colosseum, and Psychic City. Every succeeding world gives more Multi-Open Tokens and also becomes harder.

Anime Fighters

The feature of Trading offers the players to trade their stuff like boosts and Raid Shards.
As for the new type of boost that was added to the game it is a Drop Boost. The Boost drop affects the Drop rate of the Time Trial Shards and the Multi-Open Tokens. The more Drop boost you have, the better your chances are at getting the required shards or the tokens. Drop boost can also be increased by collecting ‘Collector’ fighters, that is, fighters/units with the ‘Collector’ passive. The higher the Collector passive the more the drop chances increase.

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A reverse Fruit Fusion machine was also added to the game for those who need to get the lower-tier fruits in case they have many upper-tier fruits. A new passive namely ‘Draconic’ has also been added alongside the increase in the level cap. The new level cap is 270.
And that is all for the new update. Hope you have found this article useful.

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