Anime Fighters Update 26 [Roblox]

(Last Updated On: May 1, 2022)

Anime Fighters Update 26 Roblox

Anime Fighters has brought back an update where everyone is talking about the new things in-game. It includes :

  • Time Chamber Improvements
  • New Secret “Time Lord” Passive
  • Time Trial Wait Time Reduction
  • New Time Lord Boss – drops PXP
  • New 2x Drops Gamepass

Time Chamber was introduced in Anime Fighters in Update 25. Time Chamber can be found on the very first map in the game. On entering the Time Chamber, there will be a multiplier on the top left corner of the screen which indicates that everything outside the Time Chamber except Time Trial Time and Raid Timer will be faster according to the multiplier. It includes Incubation time as well as Limit Breaker Time Reduction according to the multiplier.

If the multiplier is 1.5x, the time required to finish incubation will be 1.5 times faster than what it normally is. The Limit to the Time Chamber Multiplier is 4x. Players can upgrade the time limit from 1.5x to 4x by paying Robux.

Screenshot 2022 05 01 164836

The new secret Passive is “Time Lord”. The Multipliers for this passive are currently unknown.

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The Time Chamber has its own personal boss “Time God” with infinite hp where you can get PXP.
The Drop rates for the boss are currently are as follows:
Every 5-10 seconds the boss will drop 1 PXP followed by 2 PXP in the same time interval and 3 and 4 PXP. After getting 4 PXP the drop will reset to 1 and the loop will continue.

Screenshot 2022 05 01 164630
You can click on the red button after sending your fighters to fight the boss and you will get your average DPS after 1 minute

Getting a higher drop rate affects Multi-Open Tokens as well as Time Trial Shards. Now players can get 2 times their normal drop rate with the help of the new Gamepass – 2x Drops

Screenshot 2022 05 01 182534
Code –

Jujutsu Kaisen le premier projet Li... x
Jujutsu Kaisen le premier projet Live Action de l’anime

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