[Anime fighting simulator]How to get 40k Chikara shards in 1 hour *Very Easy Method*

(Last Updated On: January 7, 2022)

You are a new player in Anime fighting Simulator and don’t have enough chikara to buy fighting passes or Champion. Don’t worry in this blog im gonna show you best and easy method to get 40k+ chikara in 1 hr.

What is chikara in anime fighting simulator?

It is an purple crystal in game by which you can my fighting passes, champion, powers and etc. They are really hard to earn and by doing quest you can earn them in high amount(5k,10k).

Requirements for the method :-

  • You need to have 1B+ slayer stats
  • You need 1M+ spirit shards(You can farm Madara or pain for spirit shards)

How to get 40k+ Chikara shards :

  • First got to the main spawn area
  • Second go to acquire champion near orichi
  • Third Buy champion(Uses your Spirit shard)
  • Fourth when you get champion you can sell them in chikara and get chikara

Chikara You get from Champion:

1) Yu

image 8

By selling yu you get 500 chikara shards

2) Shino

image 9

By selling Shino you get 500 chikara

3) Itadoro

image 10

By selling itadoro you get 7500 chikara

If you get itadoro many time then it would be less then 1hr you can make 40k+ chikara and by Yu and Shindo you can make 40k but it would take 1hr or little more.


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