Roblox Arsenal Vip Servers 2022 (Free Working)

(Last Updated On: January 5, 2022)

Free Arsenal Vip Servers 2022

Arsenal is an FPS (First Person Shooter) game in which you kill your enemies to collect points; the player with the most points wins the game! Here are several free VIP servers.

Arsenal Vip Servers

Vip Servers Arsenal Available

How To Join Arsenal Free Vip Servers?

  1. Click on any of the vip servers we have provided you
  2. Once you click you will be taken to roblox
  3. Just like that you joined Vip Server

What’s New On The Game?

Race to the top through a massive weapons! 

Conquer the day in fast paced arcade gameplay, from bazookas to spell books, each weapon will keep you guessing on what's next! 

Earn BattleBucks and trick out your game with a huge cast of characters, melees, kill effects, skins and more!


How much is a VIP server in Arsenal?

They cost 100 Robux, We provide them for free on our site

How do you get VIP commands in Arsenal?

By owning Vip Server Of Arsenal for 100 Robux

How do I join an arsenal server?

You can join public servers by clicking the play button but if you want to join the private server it costs 100 Robux but not to worry we provide them for free

How do I get an Arsenal noob server?

By joining small servers or VIP servers

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