ASTD How to grind Star Pass Fast

(Last Updated On: May 19, 2022)

ASTD How to grind Star Pass Fast!

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What is the Star Pass in ASTD?

The Star Pass in ASTD is a system that gives rewards such as Units [Jeanne, Kiritsugu, Berserker Lancelot, Yuta Okkutsu, etc.], Gems, Skip Tickets, Coins and Capsules,In tiers, There are currently 100 tiers in the Starpass and the last tier contains Yuta and Geto, There is also an Ultra Star Pass, It gives better units and rewards like [Rin Okumura, Sadao, Eugeo and Geto Suguru], There will be also new seasons in the future, We are currently in Season 1 as of 5/19/2022.

How do you get more Star Pass Tiers?

The only ways you can level up your starpass efficiently is playing Infinite or Story mode by making it to wave 10, The star pass will get harder and harder to level up as you go on.

How do you Grind Star Pass in ASTD Fast?

The current method I know is using TinyTask for computer and an autoclicker in mobile, I will show you how to set them up, You will first download tinytask and configure the settings to these, I will show you how to do the autoclicker in mobile later on.

TinyTask Recommended Settings

I also recommend doing Ctrl + Shift + Alt + R as your Recording Hotkey, and F8 as your Playback Hotkey.

Now you need a good ranged unit with decent damage and decent SPA that does not need upgrades, Such as Uryu 6 Star, Gilgamesh 5 Star, You may need to level them up to level 30 or so, Just in case.

Next is that you wanna go to Infinite Mode and pick the food map (Regular), Now you wanna do is press your Recording Hotkey and click Extreme, Press your unit and place them where a unit should be (Ground or Hill), and then click below the Settings Icon, This way it will click replay once you die at wave 10, and press your Recording Hotkey again to stop it, You dont have to worry about your money, You will get the required amount before a mob reaches your base, You will also need to turn on autoskip.

Visual Tutorial Method TInyTask

Now all you need to do is press your playback hotkey and repeat and go AFK!, no matter what never ever move your roblox screen, It will ruin it, Otherwise you will need to do it again if you want to move in another area.

How this works is that your units will only attack normal mobs, The only way you die is from powerful mobs which needs atleast 1 upgrade to get attacked, And when you die, The last part will click the replay button and this can go on forever if you leave it alone.

Star Pass Mobile Grind Method

You will need an Autoclicker for this one, This is still similar to the TinyTask method, You will need to put the buttons where it should click like Extreme > Unit > Unit Location > Place > Replay, And again you do not have to worry about your money since it will have the required amount before a mob reaches your base, You will need autoskip on for this one too.

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