Roblox Titan Warfare Marley / Marleyan Guide

This is a guide for the Marley Team in Titan Warfare Roblox! Classes There are 6 types of classes in titan warfare, Eldians and Marley have different classes excluding titan shifter and abnormal titan, Every class has a flare to locate enemies. Marley – Every class has a jetpack excluding Operator, Abnormal Titans and Aviator, …

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Roblox [ABA] One Shot Combo Guide

One Shot Combos, Also Known as 100 – 0 combos in [ABA] Roblox! [Note] Some characters that are not shown here are not viable to do a 100 – 0, Most of these combos Include Laddering, Attack Cancelling, M1 Finishers, If you haven’t learned how to ladder yet, go to tutorials before learning these. This …

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