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Roblox News! Roblox forming a Guilded chat!?

Roblox News! Roblox, a gaming platform for creators and players has acquired the startup Guilded chat, a maker of a platform for connecting gaming communities. Which is closer to having a metaverse of virtual worlds, competing with other platforms like Discord and Epic-Games. I personally can’t wait to actually have an actual platform just for …

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The Lift…Game Review!

The Lift Review. I’m honestly disappointed with this game and those who have played this game might feel the same way. But first, let me tell you what the game is about. The Lift is a game based on a movie (I forgot the name for now) that puts people in a boxed prison with …

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Roblox News Roblox buys Jim’s Greer Bash Video Platform.

Roblox News: Roblox buying JIm’s Greer Bash Video Platform. First things first! We have Roblox buying out the Bash Video Platform secretly, not putting any highly noticeable information out that it has happened, which could be another follow-up project that relates to the next news I’ll be explaining later. (Source: SeekingAlpha) What is Bash Video? …

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HeroScape: Upcoming Roblox game

HeroScape, Upcoming Roblox game Listen, man, you can only know so much when it comes to unreleased content, and it amazes me the things they show that end up being extremely nice. I tried getting more pictures and screenshots of the game but the owner didn’t want to, wanting the game to be a full …

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Roblox Shindo Life Review

Roblox Shindo Life Review Part 1!

Shindo Life Pro’s First off, I just want to say OH….MY…. GOD! The Gameplay of Shindo’s life was quite amazing, better than what I expected it to be. Look, I’m not even trying to be sarcastic or anything like that…for real, If anyone else stayed and watch everything that the devs (RELLGames.) were making/doing, seeing …

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