Players saying “/e dance” and having the letters “YT” on their IGN are getting BANNED

On January 4, 2022 at around 3:40 am. Someone known as CoolytyeetYT posted on Twitter that he was banned due to having said the word “/e dance” and having the letters “YT” on their username. As seen above, the reason was “Directing Users Off-Platform” as well as the offensive item as “/e dance.” In addition, …

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How to get the “Crown of Electrifying Guitars” In ROBLOX 2021

There is a new Accessory in ROBLOX recently, it’s called the “Crown of Electrifying Guitars.” It’s a crown with little electric guitars surrounding it. With it’s unique color and attracting figure, it has already been claimed by over 15,000+ Players. In this blog, I’m going to show you how to obtain this accessory for free! …

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Anime Tappers Codes

Anime Tappers Codes [November 2021]

⚡️Welcome to Anime Tappers⚡️ 🕺Click to gain taps!🕺 👊Get rebirths, pets, and much more!👊 🐶Evolve your pets so they can become better!🐶 💥 FIGHT BOSSES! 💥 🪐EXPLORE THE WORLDS for stronger BOSSES!🪐 These are the Currently Working Codes for Anime Tappers November 2021! How to claim Anime Tappers Codes: First, Click the Twitter Icon to …

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King Legacy

King Legacy Codes [November 2021]

[Update 2] King Legacy These are the current working codes for King These are the working codes for King Legacy! These codes are still working and were checked thoroughly. We will keep you updated if there are new codes sometime in the future! How to Redeem King Legacy Codes: Click the “Settings” tab on the …

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UFO Simulator

UFO Simulator Codes [November 2021]

Welcome to 🛸UFO Simulator! Use your 🛸UFOs to abduct characters and collect 🎩Hats! Open eggs to unlock rare 🐶 pets that can be upgraded and leveled up! Upgrade your UFOs and Rebirth to become the strongest 👽Alien in the game! Complete worlds to collect 💎gems which can be used to get some gamepasses and boosts …

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Omega Tower Defense Simulator

Omega Tower Defense Simulator Codes [November 2021]

[UPDATE 2] Omega Tower Defense Simulator 💰 Buy and collect all of the different towers! ⚔️ Use your collected towers to defend yourself from various enemies! 🌀 Work together with your friends! 🏆 Prove yourself in the Hall of Heroes! These are the working Codes for Omega Tower Defense Simulator August 2021! These Codes were …

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