Anime Fighters

Anime Fighters Update 26 [Roblox]

Anime Fighters Update 26 Roblox Anime Fighters has brought back an update where everyone is talking about the new things in-game. It includes : Time Chamber Improvements New Secret “Time Lord” Passive Time Trial Wait Time Reduction New Time Lord Boss – drops PXP New 2x Drops Gamepass Time Chamber was introduced in Anime Fighters …

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Those Who Remain

Those Who Remain Best Script[Roblox]

Those Who Remain Script Those Who Remain Script: loadstring(game:HttpGet(“”)() Script Features: Instant Aim Instant Reload Instant Melee Swing Instant Throw Instant Build Infinite Primary and Secondary Clip Infinite Magazine and more… Note: The creator of this script asks you to go through a key system first in order to to get full access to the …

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Screenshot 2022 02 23 121916

Anime Fighters[New Auto Farm Script]

Anime Fighters is one of the best simulator games on Roblox and many of the players wish to get an auto-farm script for the game. This script is one of the best scripts for Anime Fighters which will help you auto farm in the game. Script Features:1] Autofarm.2] Free gamepasses like magnet,teleport,autoclicker,etc.3] Auto buy stars …

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