Bee Swarm Simulator OP All Utilities Script

(Last Updated On: August 10, 2021)

With this OP bee swarm simulator script you can become a god in your game and everyone else mere peasants…


  • Walk Speed Adjuster – Become the fastest or slowest player alive by adjusting your speed.
  • Jump Power Adjuster-Become a Kangaroo of your own.
  • Remove Collectibles-Who needs collectibles when you have this OP Script!!!
  • Anti AFK– Afk all you want and you wont be kicked by some lousy AI.
  • Teleport To Falling Lights – Long trip to Falling Lights? why fear when Instant Teleport is here.
  • Catch Falling Coconuts– Catch them coconuts.
  • Redeem All Codes – Hard time finding codes. One click and you got them all.
  • Remove All Codes – Had enough fun with the codes? Then lets remove them.
  • Remove Field Decorations – Don’t Like Fun? DESTROY THEM !!!
  • Open Blender – Blend them till you want.
  • Teleport To Bubble – Instant TP to Bubble.
  • Memory Match Cheat – Don’t have a good memory ? Use this.
  • Request Sprout – Request all day.
  • Teleports – Teleport to all locations.
  • Remotes – Your very own Remote.
  • Auto Farm – Free XP when sleeping ? I want it !!!
  • Auto Quest – Auto farm and Auto quest ? This day cant get any better !
  • Auto Kill – Anyone annoying you ? KILL WITH NO MERCY !!!

Bee Swarm Simulator OP Script


Bee Swarm Simulator Script

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