Beginner Guides of Weapon Masters!

(Last Updated On: March 10, 2022)

Beginner Guides of Weapon Masters


How To Level UP In Weapon Masters

It is very easy to level up in Wepon Masters. You need to Swing your sword to gain exp and as you get level ups you get new swords with gives more exp in each swings.

Beginner Guides of Weapon Masters


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How To Get Rebirths-

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To Get Rebirths you need to click on rebith button in right side of your screen
and you will see the option and cost to get rebith. Complete the task to get
the rebith.

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What Does Rebirth Do-

Rebirth give you a exp boost which helps you to get level up faster and It also gives you Health. To increase the rate of rebirths you need to buy prestige.

How to Get Prestige-

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To get prestige you need to click on the Prestige button on the left sode of your screen and below the Rebirth button. To get Prestige you need to get requried rebirths.

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What Does Prestige Do-

Prestige give to the Rebirth skips so you can get rebirths fast but it resets your privous rebirths.

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