Best Cloning Method In Ninja Legends 2021

(Last Updated On: September 1, 2021)

Best cloning method in ninja legends

Sometimes, people clone their pets when it’s in a high evolution and they forget that cloning the pet on a higher evolution will cost you 20 TIMES more than usual. And todat i will show you the Best cloning method in ninja legends so when you clone a pet , clone on a lower evolution. Example: If you have Twin Element Birdies make sure you clone 20 of them at a time and KEEP ONE for future cloning and trade the the evolved pets “shadowtorm ones” to your alt account.

Polish 20210819 212336428
Twin Element Birdies (Dark element)

And as you can see above the pet costs 421.6N chi and if u do the math to make a shadowstorm version off of cloning 20 dark elements ones you will need 8.432 Dc chi which is better than 189.7 Dc per pet. Right?

Polish 20210819 212414814
Twin Element Birdies (Shadowstorm)

On another topic, if u want to have the new “VORTEX-ELITE” evolution on the Twin Element Birdies you are going to spend around 210.8 Dc chi per pet using this method. But what if i told you that the one vortex elite costs 132.8 Un chi!!!

Polish 20210819 212712426
Twin Element Birdies (VORTEX-ELITE)

And so please NEVER clone higher evolution pets. Thanks!

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