Best Roblox Shooter Games

(Last Updated On: March 2, 2022)
roblox phantom forces

Best Roblox Shooter Games:

  • 10. Polybattle

Polybattle is a ROBLOX game especially made for lower end PC’s. The game consists of 2 false countries fighting against each other to capture the flag. You can unlock better weapons by buying them. This game is a good choice to play if your PC is not that good and you want some fun games to play.
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  • 9. Shootout

Shootout is a game in the Western Style. The game consists of a map and multiple players fighting against each other with various weapons. This game is similar to Arsenal but it has the dash function which Arsenal does not have.
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  • 8. Energy Assault
roblox energy assault

Energy Assault is a futuristic styled game. Its based on 2 teams which try to win multiple game modes. You can also unlock multiple guns in this game.
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  • 7. Counter Blox
roblox counter

Counter Blox is a game based on Counter Strike : Global Offensive. The game has 2 teams: Phantoms and Ghosts. The Ghosts need to plant the C4 Bomb on the objective and the Phantoms will try to stop them.
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  • 6. Bad Business
roblox bad business

Bad Business is a Block style First Person Shooter. It has game modes like TDM and Capture The Flag. You can also unlock weapons, unlock attachments, change your character and unlock knives.
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  • 5. Aimblox

Aimblox is a game where you can train your aim to become better. There is also a PVP Game mode. You can unlock different guns too by using codes and buying crates.
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  • 4. Zombie Uprising
roblox zombie uprising

Zombie Uprising is a zombie survival game. You can unlock guns, attachments and change your equipment. If every one in the server dies, your game will be restarted to round 1. If you are looking for a fun game that contains zombies, this is your best choice on ROBLOX.
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  • 3. BIG Paintball
roblox big paintball

BIG Paintball is a paintball game where you have multiple game modes and a lot of guns to choose from. There is 2 teams and you have to win the game mode that you are in. You can unlock guns with credits that you get from winning matches or buying them.
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  • 2. Arsenal

Arsenal is a popular ROBLOX First Person Shooter. There are game modes like Legacy Competitive, Monkey Business and Standard. You get a new gun by killing someone. The guns are special to the match and you cannot purchase them. However, you can purchase skins, melees and calling cards.
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  • 1. Phantom Forces

Phantom Forces is a First Person Shooter with many guns. You can unlock guns by winning matches. Guns can be from old to futuristic like the M4, 1898 New Army to the Coil Gun and SL-8. You also have many attachments to choose from like scopes, barrel, under barrel, ammo types and others. The game modes can vary from Capture The Flag, King Of The Hill and Team Death Match. You can win credits from leveling up and winning matches. This game is one of the most fun First Person Shooters. It is also one of the Best Roblox Shooter Games I have ever played.
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