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Gamepass Tierlist! Gamepasses are an important part of a Roblox Game . They allow you to gain advantages or make the game easier to play for you. Shindo Life gamepasses fit into both categories . Knowing which gamepasses to buy and to not buy can save you alot of Robux .

In this Gamepass Tierlist , YOU wil LEARN which gamepassese to buy and to not buy! We will rank the gamepasses from best to worst FOR YOU!

These are ranked in order from Most Usefull TO Least Usefull


Bloodline Bag Gamepass

Bloodline bag

The bloodline bag costs 699 Robuxx. Although this gamepass is called the bloodline bag , It allows you to re-equip bloodlines , elements and kenjutsus that you have spinned in the past or will spin .This gamepass also allows you to purchase limited bloodlines from the RellCoin Shop for Robux. In my opinion , this is a NECESSERY gamepass with which you can enjoy the game without having to worry about your bloodlines. This is a must buy gamepass on our list !

Bloodline Slot 3 And 4

Bloodline 3rd 1

The Bloodline Slots 3 and 4 both cost 300 Robux. These gamepasses allow access to the 3rd and 4rd bloodline slot which allows you to equip 2 extra bloodlines if bought together . ( Note : You can buy these gamepasses separately and they will allow you access to the 3rd and 4th slot depending on what gamepass you buy) . These gamepasses are very usefull for doing PVP as they allow you to gain an advantage over a player that is using only 2 bloodlines while you are using 4 . By equipping more bloodlines you can have more abilities in your moveset and therefore have an advantage. For this reason , These gamepasses earn 2nd place on our list.

Private Server Creator

Le gamepass

The Private Server Creator Gamepass Costs 999 Robux . This gamepass allows you to create an infinite number of private servers on any map you want . You can share these private servers through a code that shows up at the bottom right corner of your screen . Although the price may seem high , it is well worth it if you want to server hop for scrolls. Finding public private servers can be hard and they can contain people aswell. By having this gamepass all that trouble of finding server codes goes away . This is why this gamepass is ranked 3rd on this list.

Element Slot 3 and 4


The elementel slot 3 and 4 cost 150 Robux. These gamepasses allow you to equip more than 2 elements . These gamepass are scoring last must buy list since elements are rarely used in the game so they don’t give as big of an advantage . Although these gamepasses have the last position on our list , it is still worth it to buy these gamepasses to get just a small edge over your opponent.

Cosmetic Gamepasses

The following gamepasses are only for cosmetic and they don’t give any advantage ingame . Due to this reason I will only briefly go over these gamepasses but buy these if you have extra Robux you want to spend.

Gamepass Tierlist
Haori Drip Gamepass

The Haori Drip Gamepass costs 500 Robux. It give you access to 51 Different cloaks ingame. The cloak numbers go from #149-183


The Dawn Membership Gamepass costs 500 Robux. This gamepass gives players access to the Dawn Hideout location, 20 exclusive coats, and access to the interior of the Dawn Hideout cave,

Dawn Member Ship Gamepass

Useless Gamepasses

These gamepasses are not worth buying as they dont provide any real advantage or cosmetic increase to the player. I do not recommend you to buy these gamepasses and will not go over the description of them.

X2 RELLcoin

These gamepasses do not provide any reason to buy them as they are too expensive or have no real use.

I hope you liked this tierlist and found out what you were looking for!

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Game Description!

                                         🔑 Welcome to Shindo Life
                 🔷 Explore vast worlds, play many game modes, and mini-games. Battle various types of creatures known as                                            spirits. Unlock and randomize many abilities, and awakens. Battle bosses for their unique Bloodlines and Abilities. Rank up and further your skill under mentors. Your Shindo adventure awaits!

You can buy the above mentioned gamepasses here


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