Blox Fruits Auto Farm GUI

(Last Updated On: February 19, 2022)

Blox Fruits Auto Farm GUI Script:


What the Blox Fruits Autofarm GUI script provides you:

  • 1. Auto Farm LVL’s.
  • 2. Devil Fruit ESP, Chest ESP, Player ESP.
  • 3. Auto Stats.
  • 4. Fruit Sniper (Buys a fruit for you instantly when its in stock).
  • 5. Chest Auto Farm.
  • 6. Island Teleports.
  • 7. Set Spawn Near.
  • 8. Boss Farm.
  • 9. Server Hop.
  • 10. Buy Random Fruit (Manually or automatically).
  • 11. Much more great functions you can use to help in your Blox Fruits journey.

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