New Best Blox Fruits Script May 2021 | Autofarm | Fruit Giver | Fruit Sniper

(Last Updated On: September 23, 2021)

Blox Fruits | OP Autofarm Script



Synapse X (and maybe KRNL) ONLY!

Blox Fruits: Game Link


[Warning: Use all Autofarms in private servers]

+Level Autofarm
In Blox Fruits, This script has the BEST auto farm there is out right now for Blox Fruits. It will automatically bring all enemies to you and kill them with Haki equipped.

+Fruit Autofarm
For the Fruit autofarm, it will bring fruits to you or teleport you to fruits that spawn ever hour or are dropped by someone else

+Mastery Autofarm (Fruit, Sword, Fighting Style, Gun)
Will get enemies really low and switch to whatever Weapon you want, and kill them, gaining mastery with that. Do this with your fruit for easy fruit mastery

+Seabeast Autofarm
Kills Sea Beasts, self-explanatory

+Legendary Sword Autofarm
Teleports you to the Legendary Sword Dealer / Master Haki Specialist whenever they spawn. New World only.

+Auto New World
Once you are level 800, it does the new world quest for you. Killing the boss and instantly teleporting you to the New World.

+Boss Farm
Select any boss you want and the script will kill them.

+Auto Stats
As soon as you level up, it puts stat points in whatever stat you choose in the script.

+Auto Raids
New World Only: Automatically does Blox Fruits Raids for you and awakens your fruit if you have the right fruit equipped.

Free Devil Fruits

+Fruit Sniper
Brings Fruits to you / Teleports you to fruits manually

+Fruit ESP
Shows you any fruits dropped or spawned on the map

+Auto-Buy Fruits
New World Only: Buys fruits for Beli in the new world automatically, good for AFK buying fruits

Blox Fruits Codes

Blox Fruits Server Codes

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