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Roblox Acquired Guilded Gaming Communication Platform

Roblox Acquired Guilded Gaming Communication Platform | All You Need To Know About

Roblox Acquired Guilded Gaming Communication Platform | All You Need To Know About Roblox Acquires Guilded Platform Roblox, a company that creates user-generated games and other content, has announced the acquisition of Guilded, a company that creates a platform for linking gaming communities. What’s Going On With Roblox Acquiring Guilded Platform? Roblox is Trying to …

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Roblox News! Roblox forming a Guilded chat!?

Roblox News! Roblox, a gaming platform for creators and players has acquired the startup Guilded chat, a maker of a platform for connecting gaming communities. Which is closer to having a metaverse of virtual worlds, competing with other platforms like Discord and Epic-Games. I personally can’t wait to actually have an actual platform just for …

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Roblox News Roblox buys Jim’s Greer Bash Video Platform.

Roblox News: Roblox buying JIm’s Greer Bash Video Platform. First things first! We have Roblox buying out the Bash Video Platform secretly, not putting any highly noticeable information out that it has happened, which could be another follow-up project that relates to the next news I’ll be explaining later. (Source: SeekingAlpha) What is Bash Video? …

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Roblox KSI Launch Party

Roblox KSI Launch Party Full Information

Roblox KSI Launch Party YouTube sensation, boxing industry trailblazer, best-selling artist, and now Roblox collaboration. That’s right, KSI is hosting his own Roblox event to celebrate the release of his newest album, All Over The Place. Everything you need to know is right here. As part of a virtual launch party, the popular YouTuber will …

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Roblox The Game Fund

Roblox Game Fund New Roblox Partnership Program

Introducing the Game Fund From Roblox Developer Relations Hello, developers! Roblox is announcing the Game Fund, an exciting new partnering initiative! We’re searching for developers who enjoy experimenting with new technology and want to use Roblox to realise their creative ideas Starting in July, we will begin accepting applications for the program. Our goal is …

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