Da Hood Review Roblox🥶

(Last Updated On: August 10, 2021)
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Da Hood Review

Let’s be honest, I don’t have a word to describe what I just witnessed in this game LOL. There was too much violence and agitated behavior accruing in the game to the point I couldn’t understand if I should be playing this game from the amount of vulgarness. I am truly scared from what I’ve seen. Just look at what the video had to offer below.

The Ruthlessness of these people decided to attack the poor man who just spawned as police….yes, I know what you’re thinking. “You attacked him also, killing him brutally.” Well, I had no choice. the amount of violence in this game drawn me in to attack the policeman. It’s entirely not my fault to be completely honest since that’s the goal of the game, I know you all see the town and how there is trash everywhere, that’s how exactly I’m going to treat the players in the game. Like garbage.

Anyway, later in the video as you can see, those women standing on the corner gotten lit up with some iron. I don’t know what and why this happened but it happened because the universe wanted it to happen. it clearly saw that something wasn’t right with the scene. With my eyes I can tell you right now that it looked like some harlot shenanigans, saying that. They got what they deserve.

We not gonna talk about how he just massacre the man after saying he doesn’t look like her crusty racist brother. Man is a beast for even doing that. Jeez, black force activity for sure!

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Racism at its finest. caught in 4k

Da Hood, The first thing I did.

In Da Hood, there aren’t really instructions for you to do, however, these are the things you can do.

  • Rob banks
  • Become a E girl/ E boy/Gothic/Ro-Gangster/flexer/ Slender and etc
  • Glitch money and sell it for robux (No I don’t sell Da hood cash LOL)
  • Pick on people because yes
  • Be Racist (Not Recommended)
  • Promote your group/youtube
  • ROLE PLAY (Not Recommended)
  • Report people just for sussy language
  • kill people
  • Form a gang
  • Trade Limiteds
  • Date (Not Recommended)

That’s all I got, the game is self-explanatory, pretty fun, and spicy. I highly recommend it just because of the randomness it holds. Join the discord if you want to get updated on more blogs and socialize with the other members. The game link is right below and Thank you all for reading. Have good day folks!

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