Defender’s Depot Guide [Stages 1-100]

(Last Updated On: March 8, 2022)
Defender's Depot

Do you maybe have some troubles of getting past certain levels between 1-100 in Defender’s Depot? Well then, this guide is here to help you 😀

Stages 1-50

You can get by Stages 1-50 pretty quick and easy, first off you need to make a zig-zag line in your platform in-order to kill more monsters. This is done by blocking the roads with either walls or towers.

Example below:

Defender's Depot
Don’t mind the Flamethrowers

There’s no need to do this right away, but it will be helpful in early stages especially at later stages like, stage 100+.

In the early stages, you can get by just by having the Turrets and Crossbows, but I suggest selling all your towers when you are at stage 10 and replacing them with only Crossbows and make a zig-zag road as shown above. Having Miniguns aren’t worth as they deal such a small damage although it is fast but it still isn’t worth it as it is just a waste of money.

At stage 15-20+ it should be getting quite tough and making it harder to kill the enemies, I recommend saving up for a tesla. They are a good Single target tower that can kill enemies fast with a 3 stars upgrade.

Single Target Towers are some of the most important factors you need to have in your platform. I recommend focusing on their Quality over Quantity because they deal so much more damage at 3 stars than when they are at no stars. Although Quantity might help sometimes, but upgrading them is much more easier.

by 20-50 you can need to have a platform full of tesla. Each 3-Star Tesla deals 50 damage with a speed of 1. It’s pretty decent for a starter Tower, and of course they need to be upgraded as well.

Stages 50-100

Your current platform should hold on by Stage 60, but it won’t last long after that. You should save up for a Flamethrower for the damage it deals and some Orb of Light to get range. Both should prioritize at upgrading.

Defender's Depot

It doesn’t matter if you have a lot of Flamethrowers, if you don’t have them at 3-Stars you won’t be able to advance.

You can clear stages 65-90 just by having Flamethrowers at 3-Stars and some Volcano in the middle, don’t forget to buy the extra rows in-order to kill enemies with so many health.

By stage 80 you should start saving up to get Inferno in-order to kill tougher enemies. Inferno is basically Tesla but with more firepower and can do the job done. Although you will fail a lot of times in 90-100, but if you can save enough money and get more Infernos then it’s just a matter of time before you get to stage 100.

That’s all for this guide about Defender’s Depot, I hope this helps 😀

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