[DEMONFALL] How to get Flame Breathing and Showcase of it attacks

(Last Updated On: January 1, 2022)

What is Flame Breathing in demonfall?

Flame breathing is a technique in which you can use fire in you nichirin like rengoku from Demon Slayer and this has 1,2,3,4,5 and 9th breathing forms.

Is Flame breathing worth learning?

Yes, It’s a very powerful breathing and it burn your opponent and give damage to them after you hint them by any move or m1 attacks.

How to get Flame breathing :-

1) Get 20 demon horns.

2) After getting 20 demon horns go White Peak where you will find Rengoku

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3)After talking to him he will say he need 20 demon horn which you got and 1 demon collar

4) Go to the cave and defeat the Axe Demon and take the collar

5) Talk to Rengoku again and he will teach you the Flame Breathing style

Flame Breathing Skill Tree updated
Flame Breathing Skill Tree

Showcase of its Attacks :-

m1 :- Your blade is engulfed in fire, anyone hit is lit on fire and takes burning damage over time.(Rengoku Family give more burn damage).

1) First Form: Unknowing Fire – The User rushes towards their opponent at high speed it goes through the opponent and it slashes at the very end.

2)Second Form: Rising Scorching Sun – The User uses an upwards moving flame slash.

3)Third Form: Flame Bend – The User Release all your flames in one slash that travels at medium speed.

4)Fourth Form: Blooming Flame Undulation – In this the User enters a stance for 2 seconds. If the User is hit while in this stance, they will swing their blade in a circular motion that will defend them from all incoming attacks .If user did not get hit then nothing will happen(This attack depends on when opponent attacks).

5)Fifth Form: Flame Tiger – The User does a fiery lunge with a tiger of flames which is a big attack. This move has a big AoE and gives a lot of damage to the opponent.

5) Ninth Form: Rengoku –  The most powerful Flame Breathing technique.  A devastating dashing slash that the swordsman initiates from a high stance and this attack takes the form of a titanic flaming dragon with blue eyes that emits blue streaks of electricity from its mouth with give a lot of damage to the opponent(this form unlocks when you have Rengoku Family).


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