[DEMONFALL] How to get Mist breathing and showcase of its attacks

(Last Updated On: January 1, 2022)

What is Mist breathing in demonfall?

Mist breathing is a style with was used by Muichiro Tokito in Demon slayer and
this breathing is mostly focuses on making quick attacks and it have 7 forms.

Is Mist Breathing Worth to learn?

 This is one of the best breathings for combos and has had frequent nerfs due to how good the combos can be and if you are looking for quick attacks this is the
best option for you.

How to get Mist breathing :-

1)Find Tokito in the Frosty Forest.
2) After you find him you have to pay him 2,000 Yen and after that  Enter a maze where you must find Tokito (no time limit)

3)After finding him in maze he will teach you mist breathing.

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Mist breathing Skill tree

Attacks of Mist breathing :-

Passive: M1’s slow enemy walk speed for 1 second (Stacks)

Second Form : Eight-Layered Mist – The swordsman unleashes eight slashes all in a quick succession.

Third Form: Scattering Mist Splash – In this the user summons mist and become untouchable for a few seconds.

Fourth Form: Shifting Flow Slash – The swordsman quickly unsheathes their blade and strikes their enemy


Fifth Form: Sea of Clouds and Haze – In this User teleports behind the enemy at high speeds.

Sixth Form: Judgment Cut – In this the User Dash backward and do a series of long distance cuts, leaving your opponent vulnerable for a few seconds.


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