[DEMONFALL] How to get Thunder breathing style and Showcase of it attacks

(Last Updated On: January 2, 2022)

What is Thunder breathing in demonfall?

Its a breathing Style in which the User gets lighting style and gets a high speed and it have 4 forms.

Is Thunder Style Wort Learning?

Yes, If you are a quick attacker and it uses sell breath in it attacks and it give pretty good damage to your opponent. So if you are looking for a quick and fast attacks Thunder breathing is the best option for you.

How to get Thunder breathing :-

1) Find The thunder breathing trainer in Coast Forest, beside a Wisteria Tree, there is a house. Inside the house an old man named Kujima.

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2)  Give the trainer 20 soups from Okuyia Village soup stall.

3)  Deliver a letter to a man named Marrone, in the Slayer Crops Headquarters(He can be found  in front of the hotel in the Slayer Corps).

4) Give the trainer 4,000 Yen then he will tech you the Thunder Breathing style.

Thunder Breathing Skill Tree

Showcase Of Thunder Breathing all Forms

Passive: Lightning flows through your blade and stuns to your opponent in every attack

Thunderclap and Flash: the user dashes forwards to hit the opponent at speeds equal to lightning

First Form: Six Roku –  the user rapidly dashes around with electricity and finally hitting the target after 5 of the electricity dashes and goes behind the target

Second Form: Rice Spirit –  the user hits the target multiple times and This move teleports you onto the enemy at a short range instead of using the swarm in place

Third Form: Thunder Swarm –  In this form The User can hit the target multiple times, however, it doesn’t have a cast delay and it is instant, so it can be used in an M1 combo as an extender.

Fifth Form: Heat Lightning – Shoots a lightning bolt towards the direction your cursor is at.


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