[DEMONFALL] How to get Water breathing and Showcase of its attacks

(Last Updated On: January 3, 2022)

What is water breathing in demonfall?

It’s a breathing technique where we use water movement and its forms. Its have 1,2,3,4,6 and 7th form in the game. If you have If you have the Tomioka Then you will automatically get Water Breathing 11th form: Dead Calm.

Is water breathing worth learning?

Yes, if you are looking for punishing and countering attacks. Then this is the best breathing you can get and  this style is good for aggressive plays as it has lots of moves that are very good for combos and general damage.

How to get Water breathing :-

1) Pay Urokodaki 2,000 yen

2) Complete a hard parkour course going down a mountain with traps within 6 minutes.

3) Slash at a “Strong Boulder” until the Boulder is sliced and its hp is gone.

image 2
Water breathing skill tree

Showcase of its attack

Passive: Each M1 hit gives back 15% of your Breathing Bar

First Form: Surface Slash – Create a powerful single concentrated slash in front of the user.

Second Form: Water Wheel – The user charges up and then spins forward while releasing a flowing attack in a circular motion.

Third Form: Flowing Dance – The user swings and bends their blade in a winding motion along with their body and dances in a flowing pattern, slicing everything in its path.

Fourth Form: Striking Tide – The user dashes forward while maintaining a concentrated slash.

Sixth Form: Whirlpool – The user fiercely twists their upper and lower body, creating a whirlpool of water that cuts anything caught in it.

Eleventh Form: Dead Calm – The user makes a giant circle on the ground where they stand, which slows down enemies, and after a short amount of time, a sphere will emerge from the center of the circle.


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