[DEMONFALL]How to get Insect Breathing and Showcase of its attacks

(Last Updated On: January 2, 2022)

what is Insect breathing in demonfall?

Its a breathing which represents insect movement and there attacks. It have 1, 2.4 and 6th form.

Is Insect breathing worth learning?

Yes, its a good breathing style and if you are looking for high damage and combo attacks then this is the best option for you.

How to get Insect breathing :-

It is very easy to get this breathing style you just need 10k

1) Go to the slayer crops and search for a hotel where slayers do breathing practices and above that hotel shinobu(Insect trainer) will be sitting.

image 1

2) talk to her(if have any breathing style she won’t teach you. You have to have breathing potion so your breathing will get reset) and she will teach and ask you to have a special nichirin which will cost 10k yen then you have to buy it and she will teach you.

image 2022 01 02 211845
Insect breathing skill tree

Showcase of its attacks

Passive: Anyone hit by your sword is inflicted with poison

First Form: Dance of the Butterfly – The user leaps up, over, and behind the opponent before diving and stabbing them(It auto locks the enemy).

Second Form: Dance of the Dragonfly – The user does quick many stabs to enemy which deals high damage.

Fourth Form: Dance of the Centipede – The user disappears and becomes invisible, leaving a trail of butterflies in their path(Sun breathing and Mist breathing also have this).

Sixth Form: Dance of the Spider – The user dashes backwards before leaping forward and stabbing the opponent, resembling a smashing effect in front of the user. 


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