Dragon Ball Rage Script with AUTO FARM & TELEPORTS [ UNDETECTED ].

(Last Updated On: August 4, 2021)

It’s many peoples’ lifelong dream to turn Super Saiyan, fly through the sky, and blast baddies with ki blasts. … So the second-best option is to play the Roblox game Dragon Ball Rage. This title tasks you with fighting friends, enemies, and rivals to prove your strength. And With This Dragon Ball Rage Script you can now be a dragon in game.

Dragon Ball Rage Script

Script Features :-

  • Auto Farm
  • Instant Teleports
  • Many More (Its A Surprise 🙂 )

Dragon Ball Rage Script

loadstring(game:HttpGet((“https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Blackout4781/Astral-Hub/main/Dragon%20Ball%20Rage”), true))()

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