How To Easily Beat The Akaza Boss Anime Fighting Simulator 2021

(Last Updated On: September 12, 2021)

This guide will show you how to easily beat the Akaza Boss and any other dungeon/boss in an anime fighting simulator. This glitch will be patched within the next week or so so use it to your best advantage quickly before it does.

What You Need:

You need one thing to do this glitch and that is a special ability that can stun bosses. This doesn’t work with powers only special abilities that can stun. Keep in mind not all special abilities that stun players work on bosses. There is a special you can obtain easily that can work for this glitch and that is the Overhaul quirk which is an 11% chance of getting. Also works with: the Hell Flame Quirk (2.5% chance) and the Ice Rose Armamament (Old Fighting Pass Special).


How To Perform The Glitch:

Once you load into the game and the boss spawns, run to the boss and immediately use the C move of any of the specials listed above, and the boss will be stunned and face a direction. WARNING: The Boss deals a lot of damage so be sure to use the stun then immediately run away. After Performing the glitch the boss should be infinitely stunned in place.


Easily Beat The Akaza Boss

Now you can start to easily beat the Akaza Boss by doing the following. After you stun the boss, you can start spamming powers at it to whittle down its health. The limitless special is recommended as the X Hollow Purple move deals loads of damage to bosses. Stand behind the boss and attack it as its move still hits from the front of where it’s facing. The Akaza Boss gets un-stunned as it gets to half health and makes a snowflake pattern on the ground. When this happens, simply re-stun like you did before and it will remain stunned for the rest of the fight.

Easily Beat The Akaza Boss

You can do this multiple times to grind the Demon Art Special moves or try and get the 0.5% Akaza Champion (Best Champion in-game currently).


Extra Information:

  • This is a great way to farm chikara as it gives 9-18k per kill the faster you kill it + an additional 2-5k chikara if you get a duplicate aura.
  • This works on all bosses. Akaza is the only boss that you need to restun later on.
  • The chances of getting the special moves and Champion are low so you need to rebeat the boss many times.

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