8 Eye-Opening Secrets About Shindo Life You Might’ve Not Known About

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Shindo Life Has Many Secrets/Easter Egg Features, In This Article You Will Discover Them

In This Article You Will Learn About Shindo Life by Easter Eggs/Secret Features. You Can Then Use Them To Become Even Better At Shindo Life! Feel Free To Share And Tell Your Friends About This Article!

Akuma Customization

In Ember, next to the kage office, there exists a tombstone which, when you click on it, opens up the original Akuma customization menu. You can then proceed to change your susanoo (samurai spirit) color, weapons, and accessories, as well as the Akuma eye.


Ramen Shop

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You might’ve seen a notification on the bottom right of your screen, stating that you’re hungry, and that you need to eat, but have you ever wondered what it meant? The ramen shop is an extra important feature for both PVP and PVE, this is due to the fact that it heals your total health similarly to multiple health stims. When you sit down your character automatically consumes a bowl of ramen, only stopping when the ramen bowl icon above your character is green (indicating that your character is full). Afterwards you can PVP or PVE without worry!

Ryuji Cave Lab

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Ryuji Cave is one of eighteen current locations that the player can currently spawn at, but it holds a secret. Through a hole in the ceiling and a hallway, you can access the Ryujji Cave Laboratory which has three “stasis chambers”. This secret is quite relevant because the developers of Shindo Life hinted in a youtube video that in the future, players will be enabled to choose their races (ex: Shark) there.

Chi Color Change

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By opening up the cheats section in the menu, and scrolling down to the miscellaneous section you will be able to buy a chi color change for 25 robux. It will change your chi color from light blue to a random color.


In Shikai Forest, Mount Maki, and Ryuji Cave, there are places to meditate (indicated by two hands in a praying motion). You gain 2k experience per second (Less than punching logs).


Roblox mejores mentores Shindo Life1

Mentors are well, mentors. They are crucial for your journey to becoming a Shindi Life master! They give you buffed stats as well as two exclusive dashes: The Chi Dash (C + RMB) and the Y dash (Y key). At the present, there are five mentors (Bruce Kenichi, Jiso Seishin, Narumaki, Shindai, and the Kenjutsu Mentor). Once you achieve S rank, all mentors will be available for you to utilize.


Water Drains Chi

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Maybe once when you were fighting in the Ember canal, you attempted a move, but then realized that you were out of chi. However, you remember that you just had a bit of chi left a minute ago, so how did that happen? Water drains chi: so avoid any encounters on the water, or you can use this to your advantage in any fight.

Two Kenjutsu Slots

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Most people know that Kenjutsus are special elements which the user can use, granting them the ability to use their kenjutsu’s respective moves. Unbeknownst to many however, exists the ability to buy a second Kenjutsu slot with 100,000 Rellcoins. While a player is using dual weapons with two Kenjutsus, each weapon will use the respective effect of each Kenjutsu. If the user has equipped a single weapon, then the Kenjutsu forged weapon will use the primary Kenjutsu’s weapon effect.

Shindo Life Game Description

🔑 Welcome to Shindo Life
🔷 Explore vast worlds, play many game modes, and mini-games. Battle various types of creatures known as spirits. Unlock and randomize many abilities, and awakens. Battle bosses for their unique Bloodlines and Abilities. Rank up and further your skill under mentors. Your Shindo adventure awaits!

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