Enel Showcase In Roblox Anime Battle Arena (New!)

Anime Battle Arena

Enel Showcase In Anime Battle Arena!

ABA Anime Battle Arena Roblox

Enel Moves:

  1. El Thor[25 dmg] – Blockable but you can hit anyone as far as you can!
  2. 20MV Vari[21 dmg] – Guardbreaks but it’s hard to hit.
  3. Sango[20 dmg] – Also a blockbreaker, deals 5 damage when it guardbreaks.
  4. Thunderbird[15 dmg] – Long range skill but blockable.

Awakened Enel Moves:

  1. Raigo [30 dmg] – Blockbreaks but hard to hit.
  2. 100MV Vari [15 dmg] – It teleports you behind the enemy and deals good damage
  3. Amaru [60 dmg] – Summons Amaru and shoots out 3 thunders dealing 20 dmg each.
  4. Thunder Dragon [25 damage] – Autotracks and follows people in a dragon form.
eneru awakening 1

More About Anime Battle Arena:

More About Enel –
Enel has only been recently released. Specifically, on April 1st. Enel was included when people voted for it in one of the polls. Enel has disappointed the community by claiming that it is “terrible.” It’s not horrible; you can hit opponents all around the map with a single move. With Enel, you can easily complete a 100-0 combo.  Overall Enel is an amazing character, Especially with the low cooldowns and few guaranteed to hit moves.
Shift: Sprint
Q: Dodge
F: Block
Basic Attack: Mouse1
Space+Mouse1: Aerial Attack
1,2,3,4 to use your moves.
Awakening: G
  • ABA Discord –

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