Every Fruit In Blox Fruits Ranked: From the Worst to the Most OP

(Last Updated On: December 21, 2021)

23. Bomb

Bomb: 23 in Blox Fruits Ranked

Not much can be said about this fruit. Although it is often joked about as the most op fruit in the game in reality it is the worst. It is a paramecia type fruit, causing it to still take damage from NPC’s while also dealing minimal damage on top of that. This fruit will always be in stock, available to buy from the Blox fruit dealer at any time.

22. Spike

2021 06 22 2 1

Although better than bomb, this fruit still ranks near the bottom of the list. It is a paramecia type fruit so it is horrible for grinding, and it is very difficult and ineffective to include it in any kind of combo for pvp. Long story short- you won’t make it very long using this fruit.

21. Chop

2021 06 23 31

This fruit may be fun to troll sword mains since chop is immune to sword attacks, but when it comes to actual grinding or pvp, it’s pretty much useless. It is a paramecia type fruit and even though you can’t take damage from sword attacks, melee, blox fruit, and gun attacks can still damage you.

20. Smoke

2021 06 23 11

As a logia type fruit, smoke gives you the benefit of leisurely being able to grind (semiefficently) afk, as long as you are a certain level above the enemy (note that logia will not work if enemy is using haki). When it comes to pvp or raids this fruit is very ineffective. When fighting multiple enemies smoke fares poorly as it has no aoe attacks. In terms of mobility, it gives you the ability to fly, but very slowly compared to some of the other fruits.

19. Sand

2021 06 23 14

This is a decent fruit that is good for beginners since it is a logia like smoke, but comes with better attacks. Combos could be formed with it that are effective if you mainly rely on sword or gun, but the attacks are not very effective in the air. One thing you should note is that sand users take two times more damage in the water than regular players. It’s flight mode is one of the slowest in the game along with magma and smoke.

18. Spring

2021 06 23 32

Spring is a paramecia type fruit with weak attacks by itself, but when incorporated into combos, especially with sword mains, it can be very good. You can quickly launch towards enemies to catch them off guard, then hit them with your combo. Unfortunately, the game isn’t based on mobility alone, and with the mink race becoming the new meta for the game, this can be very hard to land, making it easy for the other player to easily punish you. As for grinding and fighting multiple enemies, this fruit is very useless in that aspect.

17. Gravity

2021 06 23 25

Gravity is a paramecia type fruit. For its rarity, gravity is a very weak fruit. The attacks are easily predictable and avoidable if the other player knows what they’re doing. It could possibly be incorporated into combos, but it would be very difficult to pull off and not that effective compared to other fruits you could use. The V move may have a large range and flashy display, but the damage itself is mediocre. You are able to summon a boulder and fly on it in the direction you want, but it is not much faster than smoke or magma flight.

16. Rubber

2021 06 23 17

Rubber is a paramecia type fruit. Overall, this is a very good fruit with decent damage and combo potential in pvp, but it is very hard to use and requires a lot of skill and aim. Most of the attacks are medium range and require a good amount of accuracy and prediction in order to land in fights with other players. It is not that great for grinding or dealing with multiple opponents. This fruit could possibly get another gear or awakening in Update 15, though unlikely, which could shift its place in the ranks.

15. Barrier

2021 06 23 18

This can be a fun fruit to use and can be very effective in pvp to catch your opponent off guard, break their combo, or immobilize them. It is a paramecia type fruit and not recommended for grinding or raids. This fruit would have no use for new players as they would need to focus on grinding instead of pvp and combos. If you mess up using this fruit, you could be very easily be punished with the walls trapping you and leaving no room to escape.

14. Magma

2021 06 23 19

For a logia type fruit, magma packs a powerful punch and is the second best fruit for grinding next to light. Decently useful when fighting multiple opponents, but not as good in pvp. With this fruit you are basically immune to lava/magma, and able to walk on it without taking any damage. It has one of the slowest flights in the game along with smoke and sand. This fruit is guaranteed to get an awakening in Update 15 so you can except it to pack a lot bigger punch, become even more powerful, and move up in this tier list.

13. Phoenix

2021 06 23 23

As far as fruits go this is a pretty fun and decent one to use. Its attacks are mainly mid/short range that has some decent combo potential. It is a zoan type fruit, so it comes with a transformation turning you into a phoenix. All attacks are buffed in this mode, but it takes your stamina up in return. It also comes with a healing move (x) which allows you to turn your stamina into health. It’s flight form (F) is average speed, not the slowest in terms of mobility but not the fastest either. This fruit isn’t as bad as others, but still doesn’t make the cut for top ten.

12. Buddha

2021 06 23 21

When it comes to grinding or participating in raids, this zoan fruit is very good at what it does. However, it is really only efficient for higher levels in the new world (1100+), and light would be the most effective grinding method for lower levels. It gives you the ability to transform into a massive buddha with a golden aura around you. While transformed, you have major health boost, but you are considerably slower. As far as pvp goes, this fruit is very bad since opponents can just stay out of your range so they don’t get spammed with m1 attacks.

11. Control

2021 06 23 27

This paramecia fruit has very little use for grinding or dealing with multiple enemies so it would be more of a burden than a help to newer players who are still low level, and would struggle getting the fruit to 350 mastery. Regardless, this can be a fun fruit to use and can be effective if you know how to combo it well in pvp. You can only use its attacks inside the control room (z move), which deactivates after 35 seconds or if you do the v move. While it is a good fruit, there are others that can accomplish the same thing better without as much effort.

10. Rumble

2021 06 23 24

In the top ten is rumble, a logia type fruit allowing the user to create powerful lightning attacks that is decent in both pvp and grinding. Once awakened, this fruit becomes even more powerful coming with an improved set of attacks. Regardless, this fruit isn’t the best for pvp as the attacks are easily predictable and dodgeable for skilled players. The cast delay for the attacks is all a smart player would need to develop a counter measure and punish you. The attacks are also limited to ground based combat.

9. String

2021 06 23 22

Left unawakened, this paramecia wouldn’t make the top ten list, but once awakened, this fruit can do well in pvp if you know how to use it right. It has powerful, mid-range attacks that could be put into some nice combos. Unfortunately, this fruit is very limited to ground based combat as well and not that much help in the air. As far as grinding, this fruit would be better for higher level players since you wouldn’t be able to awaken it in the old world. The c move would be best left unawakened because of the knockback which is useful in pvp and fighting bosses, but not so much in grinding.

8. Ice

2021 06 23 13

This is a very good fruit to use for beginners (after light and flame) seeing as it’s a logia, which helps with grinding, and comes with a ice sword that does decent damage to npcs. Awakened ice can also be very good for pvp as well in combos because of the stun, especially for gun and sword mains. The x move is ground based and has huge knockback, making it good for pvp and bosses, but not ideal for grinding.

7. Light

2021 06 23 16

This is a very versatile fruit, and is the best option for beginners seeing as its very good for grinding and can also be used in pvp. Just like ice, it comes with a light sword that can be used to deal moderate damage to npcs. Since it is a logia fruit it is very good for grinding. Its attacks have very good range and the v move is a nice aoe that affects a large area. Once awakened, it becomes even better for grinding and can be used for pvp, but requires a lot of aim and precision. It is the fastest fruit in terms of mobility, and you can control the direction you fly once awakened.

6. Paw

2021 06 23 33

This is a very nice paramaceia fruit, left unawakened or awakened. The attacks still do medium damage and the tsunami has a very wide range with lots of damage even when the fruit is unawakened. Once awakened, this fruit can be very op and incorporated into very good combos. The z move is a good combo starter with very serious damage and the v move increases to four tsunami, almost impossible to dodge. It can be very good for grinding for upper levels as well. If you’re a fruit main this is a very nice fruit to use.

5. Quake

2021 06 23 20 1

This is a very nice paramecia fruit with insane range and good damage. This is a nice fruit for sword mains with the teleport move allowing you to instantly close the gap between you and your enemy, but ultimately dark does the same thing with better efficiency. This fruit wouldn’t be as helpful to lower levels and more beneficial to upper levels who focus on pvp and combos.

4. Flame

2021 06 23 12

This logia fruit is also one of the best for beginners in grinding terms, but it is also one of the best for fruit mains in pvp as well once awakened. It deals very high damage with mid range attacks. It’s last move, the fire bomb, is especially powerful and deals lots of damage over a wider area. It is good in both air combat and ground combat, so this fruit is very useful. As for mobility, flame has medium flight speed that gets a little bit faster once awakened.

3. Dough

2021 06 23 26

Dough is a paramecia fruit that has a lot of potential and wiggle room when it comes to combos. It relies heavily on the x and v move in pvp, and fares poorly in aerial based combat. When observation is activated, dough acts just like any other logia fruit and doesn’t take damage from regular attacks. The roller donut move can be used on land, but it can also be used in water if you have the fishman v2 race. When caught in it’s trap, this fruit can be very deadly.

2. Dark

2021 06 23 15

Even though this logia fruit may not be powerful by itself, the combo potential it holds is nearly boundless. With perfect stuns, teleport, and pull, this fruit was made for pvp. It can combo nicely with sword mains and can be devastating when used with swords like shisui or pole v2. Using dark does take skill and practice to be able to achieve the combo you want. It is best to use when fully awakened, so it wouldn’t be of much use to low level players who need to grind.

1. Dragon

2021 06 23 28

In the number one spot of this blox fruits ranked list is dragon. The damage this moveset does is insane. All attacks have decent range and a nice splash zone. Because of the high mastery, it would be difficult for low levels to grind this fruit and mainly recommended for higher levels. Since it is a zoan fruit, it comes with a transformation that allows you to turn into a dragon. All moves are buffed in this form and you gain a 62.5% damage resistance. In order to transform, your fury meter has to be full. You start off with a 50% fury meter when dragon is equipped. it’s nearly impossible to be killed once in dragon form, and each move you do while in dragon form brings down your fury meter. When you shift out of dragon form manually or your furry meter reaches zero, you have to wait until the bar is full again till you can transform. This is a hard fruit to counter unless you are a skilled player who knows what they’re doing.

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