Fayrah Tutorial Dragon Adventures

(Last Updated On: February 19, 2022)

Fayrah Tutorial Dragon Adventures:

  • 1. Go to Valentine’s Day World using this portal.
image 25
  • 2. Get Chocolate by completing a maze (5 Chocolates if you find them all), doing a time trial (3-5 Chocolates, depending on time) or harvesting the bushes (1 Chocolate).
  • 3. With the Heart Tokens you get from feeding your Dragons the Chocolates that they want, you can buy a Charmed Egg.
  • 4. From the Charmed Egg you have a 80% chance of getting a Taihoa, 15% chance of getting a Tarotta and a 5% chance of getting a Fayrah.
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Valentine's Dragon Tarotta - Dragon Adventures - YouTube
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