Grand Piece Online Fruit Tierlist

(Last Updated On: February 9, 2022)

Grand Piece Online Fruit Tierlist:

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The Grand Piece Online Fruit Tierlist.

If a fruit is more to the right in S, A or B Tier, it does not mean the fruit is bad.

  • 1. S Tier is for the best of fruits only like Magu, Hie, Pika, Phoenix.
  • 2. A Tier is for the good fruits like Zushi, Sand.
  • 3. B Tier is for the decent fruits like Gomu, Mera, Bomu.
  • 4. C tier is for the almost bad fruit like Bari.
  • 5. D Tier is for the worst fruits like Kilo, Spin and Suke.

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