How Does The Bank Work In Pet Simulator X (2022)

(Last Updated On: December 28, 2021)

How Does The Bank Work In Pet Simulator X?

How Does The Bank Work In Pet Simulator X? We will explain to you how it works and what you should be careful about when you are using the bank. So Let’s get Started.

How Does Inviting Work

If you want to invite people and let them have access to your gems and pets click the blue cog icon

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Then scroll down to members and type the username of the person you want to invite and wait until they accept your invite.

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They will appear on the members section if they accept your invite.

If you get invited from someone, you can accept their invite down in the invites section and you can access their bank under the “my bank” icon.

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If you invited someone on accident, you can cancel the invite by clicking “cancel all outgoing invites” icon under the “collect interest” icon.

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What can you do and what you can’t do

1-When You Are The Owner Of The Bank

When you are the owner of the bank you can invite other players to view your bank and take whatever they want from it and you can’t view their banks. They can also deposit pets or gems if they want to but you can’t still see their banks. You can’t also see them on the “My banks” Sign , you have to go to your settings to view them and you can kick them if u want to. They can also leave whenever they want.

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They can take from your bank but you can’t
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Note: Some players abuse this and scam other players by saying to invite them and add something to your bank

2-When you get invited to a bank

When you get invited from someone you can accept their invite and see their bank when they can’t see yours. you can take whatever you want and you can also deposit anything if u want to. You can leave their bank at any time even after u take something.

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In any case please don’t abuse it to scam anyone as they can report you and you might get banned for it.

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