How To Enable Roblox Voice Chat (Available For All Roblox Players )

(Last Updated On: November 8, 2021)

How To Enable Roblox Voice Chat

Roblox has just Announced that they made voice chat Public! We will show you How to enable Roblox Voice Chat within few minutes

Step 1 :– Verify you’re age. Go to roblox settings and you will see verify me button.

Roblox Voice Chat Age Verification Step 1

Roblox will ask you for national identity, They are going to ask depending on you are country social security cards, driver’s licenses, and others. You will have to pick one from them.

Step 2 :– Once done go on to privacy page and Enable Voice Chat!

How to enable Roblox Voice Chat? Steps

Boom just like that you just unlocked / enabled Roblox Voice chat

Source bloxy news :- To see if an experience has Spatial Voice Enabled, check to see if “Yes” is shown under “Voice Enabled” below the Description.

A Discover sort will also be added soon to make it easier to find experiences with Spatial Voice enabled.

How to know if a roblox game has voice chat

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