How To Gain Zeni Fast In Roblox Dragon Ball Budokai 1

(Last Updated On: March 14, 2022)

Dragon Ball Budokai Quick Zeni Method

Dragon Ball Budokai

Dragon Ball Budokai Fast Zeni Method:

  • You must gain 10,000 zeni on your home planet
  • Buy a space pod
  • Go to the Galactic Space Station(Coordinates are in the end of the article)
Dragon Ball Budokai
After arriving in the Galactic Space Station it should look like this.
  • Next thing you need to do is to go inside the building
  • After Going Inside Talk To Goku
Dragon Ball Budokai
After talking to Goku it should teleport you on another place and kill the boss.
There should be a marker to locate the boss.
Dragon Ball Budokai
Defeating the boss should look like this.
Dragon Ball Budokai
After Defeating The Boss Talk To Goku Again to Hand In The Quest
Dragon Ball Budokai
After doing those you just have to repeat that method until you are satisfied with your zeni. The coordinates for Galactic Space Station is W13245

More About Dragon Ball Budokai:

Dragon Ball Budokai is a game inspired by the anime/manga called Dragon Ball. This game is hardcore so don’t expect an easy grind. In this game you have 3 lives. After losing all 3 lives you go to the after world and lose some of your BP.

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