How to get moon breath in demonfall! *Super easy way* *7 steps*

(Last Updated On: December 20, 2021)

How to get moon breath in demonfall?

About moon breathing:-

Rival to most popular breathing style in-game, moon breathing is a strong and dangerous breathing. This is only performed by Hybrids (half- human, half- demon).

How to get moon breath?

  1. Be prestige 1
  2. Be level 50 after prestige 1
  3. Have 5 muzan bloods
  4. Doesnt matter if you are a slayer, you need to be human
  5. No yen required
  6. Talk to kokoshibo.
  7. You will lose 25 levels and become a hybrid and have moon breathing.
Moon breath skill tree (how to get moon breath in demonfall)

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