How To Get Star Platinum The World In AUT

(Last Updated On: March 13, 2022)

roblox aut 3

How To Get Star Platinum The World In AUT:

  • 1. Obtain Star Platinum from a Stand Arrow. Stand Arrows can be obtained from meteors or from the shop.
roblox star platinum aut 1
  • 2. Obtain a Mysterious Hat. This can be found in chests or on the ground.
roblox mysterious hat aut
  • 3. Talk to Jotaro with Star Platinum and Mysterious Hat in your inventory (not storage).
roblox jotaro aut
  • 4. Complete the quest Jotaro gives you.
roblox jotaro quest
  • 5. Return to Jotaro in order to obtain Star Platinum: The World.
roblox sptw aut

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