How To Level Up Fast And Complete Dungeons – Solo Blox Leveling

(Last Updated On: February 6, 2022)

How To Level Up Fast And Complete Dungeons – Solo Blox Leveling

What is Solo Blox Leveing:

It is a game based on a popular manga know as Solo leveling and in this game you get to see monster dungeons and cool wepons.

Which Class You shoud Chose To Complete Dungeons:

There are total 6 classes in Solo blox leveling which are:

  • Archer
  • Assassin
  • Swordsman
  • Healer
  • Mage
  • Tank

Dungeons is a place where powerful monster exists and Bosses so Healer is Not Good option to go alone in Dungeons. Healer can be supportive if you go with a squad. I wold prefer using Sowrdsman, Assassin and Tank because they got good AoE attacks and Skills and its easy to go on a solo dungeon.

How to level up fast in Solo Blox Leveling:

If you are a new player and you are level 1 so don’t go to Dungeons because it would be impossible to complete in level 1 with 0 stats. To level up from 1 to 10 is easy, There are many quest which gives exp and There is a one NPC which gives 250exp which is the higest quest.

How to find highest quest NPC him:

1) First Go straight from main spawn point and turn right when you see a small construction area.


2) Second After turing right go straight and you will see a big construction area and a Quest NPC, Go to him.

image 2

How to Complete The Quest:

1) First click on that NPC and accept his quest.

image 3

2) Second Go to the Large construction area near HUNTER GROUNG and you will see a guy talk to him and accpet his request.

image 4

3) Third He will tell you to collect 20 Iron bars which will behind him go there nd collect them.

4) Fourth After complete go to the NPC which was in small area again and click on him and you will receive 250 exp.

Keep on doing this until you get level 10.

How To Complete Dungeons in solo blox leveling:

When you get level 10 you can enter in a E-Rank Dungeons and get exps from there but its hard to complete them so i would say you use yours skills to damage them than use m1, Your First Skill will be open at level 10, Just maintain your distance from NPC and use your Fist skill and m1 then go back and heal up do this with boss and you can easily win. Do The Dungeons until you are level 20.

Dungeons with their Requirements:

E-Rank: level 10- level 20
C-Rank: level 20 – level 50
B-Rank: level 50 – level 100
A-Rank: level 100 – level 150


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