How to Level UP fast in demonfall – 1 lvl to 50 lvl(easy)

(Last Updated On: February 6, 2022)

How to Level UP fast in demonfall

In this guide there are 3 methods to level up fast in demonfall

1) zenitsu Farm

You just have to go and kill zenitsu 10 or 12 time it will take 1hr or 2hr and you can easily gain 7 levels and if you have kanaroji clan then it will give zenitsu 20% more dmage. Zenitsu gives 300 exp to slayers and 500 exp to demon it respawns in every 10 sec after defeat.

image 61

2) Green demon quest

This is the best meathod for slayers to level up fast you just need to wait for green demon quest and hunt him it gives 200 exp if you kill him normaly and gives 600 exp if you kill him from a quest if you grind him by quest it will take 2hrs to reach 10 levels.

image 62

3) kaigaku

This is the best method to level up but it take large amount of time to reach level 50 by this if you hop severs and you find it everytime then it will take at least 40 kaigaku to go 50 level kaigaku gives 6k exp and it is very hard to kill him.

image 63

Kaigaku would be the best meathod if you have alot of time or if you are looking for quick leveling method then you should farm zenitsu.

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