How to make roblox gamepasses on mobile for free

(Last Updated On: September 1, 2021)

Sometimes people make gamepasses for donations and for their games, but have you ever wondered how can you make gamepasses on mobile? 

Today i will explain to you how to make roblox gamepasses on mobile in a few simple steps

Step 1

go to your website, click on the three dots and click “desktop website”

how to make roblox gamepasses on mobile

After that login with your roblox account

Step 2

select the game you want the gamepass in or your starting place-> store -> Add pas

how to make roblox gamepasses on mobile

Step 3

after that choose a file that you will put on your gamepass from your phone

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Step 4

click verify upload after you choose your image

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Step 5

click on the cog next to the gamepass you made , and click on configure

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Step 6

go to sales , and activate “item for sale” and make it with the price you want

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Step 7

Enjoy your gamepass.

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NOTE:that roblox takes 30% of the robux if someone buys your gamepass!

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