How To Obtain Goku In Roblox AUT

(Last Updated On: March 13, 2022)
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How To Obtain Goku In Roblox AUT:

  • 1. Talk to the Goku NPC. He is located on the mountain near the Gaster NPC.
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  • 2. Find 7 Dragon Balls. They can spawn around the map each 30 minutes with a 80% chance. You can also find them in chests with a 1% chance.
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  • 3. After finding the 7 Dragon Balls return to the Goku NPC. You must have the Dragon Balls in your inventory (not in the item storage).
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  • 4. Complete the quest you get from Goku. The quests are pretty hard so I recommend using a stand like Shadow The World Requiem.
  • 5. Return to Goku after completing the quest.
  • 6. When Shenron appears, you must tap “Power” for Goku.
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