How To Rank Up FAST And EASY In Shindo Life Roblox!

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How to rank up fast!

Rank Up FAST! Ranking up is an essential part of Shindo Life as without ranking you won’t be able to unlock higher tier weapons and sub-abilities. Ranking can be hard if you do not know what you are doing but don’t worry!

This Guide Will Teach You How To Rank Up The Fastest And The Easiest Way!


Best Map To Rank Up FAST!

The map you choose to grind on will affect heavily on your level gain . These 3 maps are the best choice :

The Great Narumaki Bridge has bosses close to each other whom you can reach without wasting alot of time travelling which can inturn allow you to gain alot of levels quickly. The bosses are very easy to fight aswell.

  • Dunes Village

Next on our list is the Dunes Village mainly because it has alot of bosses not far from each other and you can reach them fast with good travel moves which you will learn about below.

  • Vinland

Vinland is next on our list only because it has the Gen 2 Tyn Tails boss which is the easiest boss to kill if you know what you are doing. The Tyn Tails boss is not hard to kill with large m1s which allows Vinland to earn a place on our list.



A good moveset is important to kill the bosses fast enough. You will need high damage moves that have low cooldown so that you can spam them. Tengoku, Borumaki, Narumaki 6 Paths and Alphirma Shizen are the best choice. gif maker 2 gif maker 3

For the c mode you can equip any large m1s such as any akuma bloodlines last stage , alphirama shizen, renshiki etc.

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For the Z mode you can either equip the Kagoku Rabbit Mode , Gen 3 Tailed Beast or The Snail Sage Rework.


If you have more than 2 bloodline slots , you can equip a travel move of a bloodline such as Inferno 2nd which can allow you to reach bosses faster. (Keep in mind that these moves drain alot of chi so it’s better to not use if you don’t have large amount of chi) gif maker 4

Xeno Dokei

Xeno Dokei

Xeno Dokei is the best PVE bloodline in Shindo Life . This is because the C-Spec of the 1st and 2nd mode drains the health of the boss by alot allowing you to finish the boss mission faster.


Companions can act like a different player helping you and they are alot of help when doing bosses solo.

The only companion worth getting are :

  • Minakaze

Minakaze can SPAM moves on the boss allowing them to not be able to cast moves which gives you time to charge chi or heal.

  • Shindai Rengoku

Shindai Rengoku is hard to obtain since you have to fight the event boss but it is worth it. Shindai Rengoku can SPAM the tailed beast counter almost killing the boss for you which is a good thing to have in your arsenal. 

You are now READY to master the art of ranking up fast…

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Originally posted on August 8, 2022 @ 12:54 pm


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